Book: A Guide to the Cromwell Museum (SKU: BK-CM-001)

SKU: BK-CM-001

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Your essential guide to our collections and a great souvenir of a visit, this guide contains a introduction to the story and different interpretations of Oliver Cromwell, from minor gentleman from Huntingdon to Lord Protector. Lavishly illustrated by brand new photography of many of the paintings and artefacts in our internationally important collection, this guide has been written with expert commentary from our Curator, Stuart Orme.

Review: Helen H

Much more than a museum guide

It’s no surprise that a museum has a guidebook, but this one is rather special. Yes, it fulfils the purpose of a guidebook. You will find within its pages some wonderful images of major artefacts held within the museum, the majority of which are on permanent display. The layout of the book follows that of the museum so it’s easy to use. But more than that the guide takes the visitor – or any reader – to the heart of the life of Oliver Cromwell, from his poorly-documented early years to his death as Lord Protector, a man feted and feared throughout Europe.

It also offers a brief but thorough exposition of the civil wars and their causes which underlines the complexity of the times and which does not shy away from the controversies that have followed Cromwell down the centuries. It’s a great companion to a visit to the museum and a souvenir of that visit. But it’s not just for visitors! This book will take you virtually around this charming building and its magnificent collection and can be enjoyed by anyone.

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Paperback: 28 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1999346874

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